Monday, May 23, 2011

Something Old, Something New

Sorry for the long hiatus! Having two 'fro's to maintain keeps a mom busy! But we're back! Today I'm reviewing two products/product lines, one for each of my fro-babies. So we'll start with the "Something Old."

As I've mentioned before, the littlest fro-baby has a different head of hair than the "princess." He is also now 1 year old. I pled for clemency for his hair, and my request was granted, so he gets to rock the 'fro a little longer (literally and figuratively). His fro, however, was getting drier and drier by the day. While the little 3c baby ringlets are still on the ends of his hair, the rest of his hair is coming in as a solid 4c 'fro: well-defined tiny little coils--extra cute! But also extra dry!

So (cue Scooby Doo-style flashback)...I thought back to the baby hair advice of old regarding using curl activator...yes curl activator once the baby outgrows that "baby hair." While not ready to go there just yet, it did trigger another memory about a product from the 80's that still lurks in drugstores today: "Soft Sheen Sta-Soft-Fro Rub On Hair and scalp Conditioner - Extra Dry." This product also comes in a spray version that I believe is just for "dry" hair (which I have not tried).

Now before you laugh ("you may already be reciting the 1980's commercial with the little girls jumping rope "Sta Sof Fro has a soft, soft shine, Sta Sof Fro is right on time! For curls, for braids, for natural hair, from the people who know your hair and care!"), this product is awesome! Not only have they toned down the "Manly afro scent" to something quite light and not at all offensive, this glycerine-based leave-in conditioner brought a softness to my boy's fro that has not been matched by any number of "curly hair" products.

His 'fro is--well, soft! And the curls are very well-defined. I will work on getting pics, it's just tough because when I see him in the a.m., his hair is still wet and the curls are not in yet. Then, when he comes home from daycare, let's just say his hair has been "through some things." But usually even at the end of the day, both the softness and curl are maintained--without greasiness or oiliness.

So whether this was your older brother/uncle/dad's doo rag cream or your hair braider's moisturizer of choice before she threaded the beads on your cornrows, this product deserves a second look! If you've never tried it and are looking for a non-greasy, effective moisturizer for very dry hair, you may not know what you're missing. Don't be embarassed! Reach down to the bottom shelf of that 3-foot wide "ethnic product section" of your local drug store and pick up some Sta-Sof-Fro! It may be the best $2.79 you've ever spent!

Since this post is a little long, I'll review the next product, Curly Q's for Target, in a separate review...coming right up!

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