Monday, May 23, 2011

Now for Something New!

Hot off the shelves, it's Curly Q's for Target, the newest edition from Curls introduced their Curls for Target brand to the masses in 2010, to mixed reviews. I haven't tried those, but was quite happy to see the children's version, Curly Q's for Target in stores recently.

Much like the online products, different people get different results on varying hair types. I've been a fan of Curly Q's for my daughter due to the moisture regimen that seemed to result in pretty healthy hair and growth for my fro-baby, even if it couldn't keep the frizzies at bay for more than a few hours.

With the advent of Curly Q's for Target, I think I may have found a new regimen for my original Fro-baby! She's now 3 years old--all three years of it, and has the attitude and preferences to go with it! My "little princess" likes wearing her hair "tall" which means "up in a curly ponytail." No side pony puffs, or braids for this young lady. Every now and then, I can get her to sit still for "princess twists," but that's a good one-hour affair! So, these products really needed to stand up to not only slicking back all the "sunshine" (broken hairs around the front caused primarily by hair elastics) and making a pretty, high ponytail, but also the inevitable wash and goes that we'll need to do this summer to counteract the ponytail damage.

So, the first two products to be reviewed are the La Meringue Curl Moisturizer (in-store version of Moist Curls) and the Red Velvet Curl Cream (something altogether different from the custard and the milkshake). OK. I like these products. I liked the online versions, but the price point is a little high, and with shipping handling, I was looking for a convenient, lower cost alternative. The Target products seem to be heavier than the online versions, but that's ok with me.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that while the online product lines seem more geared toward the biracial, looser curl types, the Target version's got just a little more weight for more of those 4-range curl types. If this makes no sense to you, I'd love to provide you with a link on curl typing, but this can take you down a rabbit hole of being more confused, as there's no uniform system or definition for the multitude of hair types/textures that exist in the known universe.

Just know that most "afro" type hair is in the 4 category. G's hair, for frame of reference is a Type 3c/4a mix for those who care to type. You can see her pics two posts down to determine if her hair is comparable to your fro-babies. My son's hair will be shown in future pics, so you can see a true Type 4 with the smallest curl pattern 4(c).

Back to the review. Now that G is older, she can start giving you her own feedback, so here goes. When I sprayed her dry hair with the La Meringue, she commented about how soft her hair felt. This product feels a little more moisturizing than the moist curls, and gives a little more slip, so detangling was not a problem. It said to follow with a "dollop" of red velvet curl cream--which was a mistake on my part. This product is THICK! And a little sticky. Not in a problematic way, but you have to know how to "work it!" So, after applying way too much to the crown of her head, I was able to work it through the rest of her hair--with some effort.

Lesson learned, emulsify in hands first, then spread through hair. And a little goes a long way! I have to say, the results were beautiful. The hair that was pulled back looked so pretty. It retained a little wave as aopposed to the straight slick look. The curls were perfect, although you could see where I missed a spot here and there. A quick spritz of the la meringue and the dry spots were history! When she caught a glimpse of her rreflection, she oohed and ahhed over her hair. Something I can honestly say she's never really done before.

The next day, we barely needed either product. Her hair was soft, moisturized and only needed a light application of moist curls and a sheen of the Red Velvet Curl Cream. As a daily moisture regimen, these products worked great for my little one. It got too late to try out the shampoo and conditioner (Curly Cakes Shampoo and Cupcakes n' Cream Conditioner) the night before, so stay tuned for the review of the full product line and regimen! (and pics!)

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