Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Results Pics - Curly Q's for Target

OK, so I will try to post these pics in order but since I'm a novice blogger, who knows how they will come up on the page??? One way to find out! I liked these products, but I do have some observations on follow-up. Right now, these are just the visuals:

Pic #1 - After Curlycakes shampoo--amazing shine!

Pic #2 - Deep Conditioning (keeping Cupcakes n' Cream conditioner w/ a little Mimosa Elixir on her head in a plastic cap for as long as she could stand (15 minutes, maybe???)

Pic #3 - After the conditioning treatment -- effortless detangling

Someone got tired of being a hair model:

Moisturized with la la meringue curl moisturizer and red velvet curl cream with Mimosa Elixir, Braids overnight, then in the a.m.--shrinkage!

Taking braids out

Finished product - refreshed with la la meringue and Mimosa Elixir
The next three pics are the end of the day hair--always an issue with the online Curly Q products. I snapped the first two right after school (meaning after naptime and what I call "car seat hair"), before we went to the playground, because well, you know how it is after a good romp in the park! But the last pic shows her hair after the park, and it held up pretty well through it all! What the pics can't show is that the curls were soft, separated and bouncy!

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