Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughts on Curly Q's for Target on Day 3

Day 3 hair is a little less controlled, but Day 3 regimen was a little different, too. No Mimosa Elixir. I'm starting to suspect that the Mimosa Elixir might be the key to both the bounce and shine--and the "dry" feeling. It's not that the hair is actually "dry," I can't really describe it, but I will say this, the online elixir contains beeswax, a perplexing choice for a moisturizing hair product in my opinion. I've used Moisture Max (Mega Moist) hair lotion for the very reason that it didn't contain beeswax, which does tend to weigh the hair down, coat the strand, and keep moisture out.

When I checked online, the Curly Q Custard contained beeswax also. The Curly Q's for Target products do not contain beeswax, but there is no in-store equivalent to the elixir in the Curly Q's line. think I may actually check to see if the Curls (adult products) for Target Elixir has beeswax. There is no in-store equivalent in the Curly Q's If not, I may replace the Mimosa Elixir with the store brand. I have to say G's hair is looking better using these products than it has in quite a while: shiny, bouncy, individual coils that last several days after the wash. All we've been doing is moisturizing at night with la la meringue with the elixir or alone and braiding. In the a.m., we refresh with the la la meringue and/or the red velvet curl cream or the elixir.

The a.m. refresh results are not as controlled when using the curl cream without the elixir, but it's still a very good result. The best thing is that all this shine and bounce is achieved without ANY greasy feel. The products go on a little slick (and yes, you'll need to wash hands afterwards), but they dry down to a nice, soft, healthy-looking shine. I hope these products will catch on so they'll be around a long time!

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