Friday, February 11, 2011

As Requested

So, I noticed in the comments that someone wanted before and after photos. Of COURSE! What is a hair blog with no pics??? So I had to do some wrangling (of a two year old) but these are some pics for points of reference.

This is G's hair at the end of a day, taken out of braids, no products:

Here is G's hair in it's most natural state (all day out, no products)

This is G's hair (freshly done) using Curly Q's Moist Curls and Curly Custard overnight in braids, refreshed with Curly Milkshake in the a.m. for Picture Day!

Here is G's hair in double-strand twists using jane carter solution revitalizing leave-in conditioner and hair nourishing creme

And finally, here is an "after" picture with G's new "toy" (Mommy's new toy) the Tangle Teezer. What a great find! Smooth detangling in half the time. This pic was taken the same day as the free-flying "before" pic. Yes, it looks and feels like a dog brush, but it is a great brush that detangling quickly and painlessly--even Ty gets his hair brushed without a whimper these days. I'll post my review right after this:

So, that's a pretty good cross-section of her regimens. I also have a old review (with before and after pics) of the "It's a Curl" products on from when G was about 1 year old at

Hope this helps!

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