Thursday, July 30, 2009

And We're Back! L'oreal for Kids, Moisture Max, and more.

After a long hiatus, we're back with more product reviews, tips, and tricks! It's been a busy summer for G and me as we've traveled, hit the beach, the kiddie pools and beyond. G's hair is still growing and my frobaby's fro is "gon' do what it do!" On our travels, we got some great product recs from moms of older fro-kids and on a great forum I'm so late on discovering: To say that I have found my hair care mecca would be dramatic, yet accurate. There is a whole discussion area devoted to children's hair care that highly recommend (of course, you may put my blog down altogether after reading it, but I'll take that chance!)

So onto the products:
Spray-on Detangler
As this blog is dedicated to the babies, I feel duty bound to give an updated report of G's baby hair care regimen, prior to us having to "step it up."

Noodle and Boo Shining and Conditioning Polish
What an excellent find. This is a great detangler, with a wonderful fresh scent and is a multi-use product. Tackles bedhead, cowlicks, snags and snarls with relative ease and leaves a nice, weightless shine behind. I really recommend this for newborns and small infants with finer hair. It definitely will work for fro-babies, but as the babies get older and the hair gets thicker, it can present new challenges.

You see, as G is becoming a "big girl" (yes we have a walker, a talker and an occasional pooper in the potty) it's becoming increasingly difficult to detangle and style her hair using "baby" products. Noodle and Boo Conditioning Polish still works, but it also takes us about 5 minutes just to detangle her hair (and we are working parents without that much time!) G's hair, when stretched is down to her mid-back, so that's a lot of hair!
A very nice lady whose daughter has a five year old with a head full of fro-baby spiral curls was having a rough time detangling at the beach without her handy dandy fave detangler, L'oreal for Kids Tangle Tamer. She described the bottle to me, and I went on what I thought was a wild goose chase to find it. Of course, after finding it online, I found it in about five drugstores, one of which was selling two for the price of one. As I had already ordered it, I didn't take them up on the offer--turns out I should have snatched it right up! L'oreal for Kids Tangle Tamer took G's tangles out in no time! I'm talking down to about 60 seconds to comb through. This is a spray that comes in a green bottle ( I think it's pear scented). By the time she get around to fussing, we're already done! I have to say, I was skeptical since L'oreal for Kids appears to be designed for kids who are not fro-kids, but once again, surprise, surprise. We've come a long way since J&J's original "no more tangles" formula.

Shampoo and Conditioner
Noodle and Boo Shampoo
A nice alternative to typical baby shampoos, this on has N&B's signature scent and more moisture than garden variety baby shampoo. Only a so-so detangler and I wish they would make a conditioner, but the conditioning polish works well in conjunction. I would highly recommend these products for babies with looser curl patterns or newborns with straighter hair.

Another great find: California Baby Swimmer's Defense. Now, I can't tell you if all CB products are as good as these, but considering that they are mostly organic/natural and detangle like nobody's business, I had to shout them out. I originally got these because I thought we were putting G in swim lessons and no way was I letting chlorine ruin my fro-baby's locks this young! Well, turns out G is afraid of any and all bodies of water (her bathtub included), and here I have this product on my hands. And boy am I glad! Both shampoo and conditioner are very moisture laden and the conditioner works as a rinse out (which is what I was looking for) and a leave-in. Using these, you really don't need a spray-on detangler, and as a leave-in the conditioner made G's hair soft, defined her curls and even left her with a little movement.

Moisture Lotion
I l ike to travel light, so I really didn't pack G's product cavalcade on purpose on one of our trips. I decided to use Moisture Max Oil Moisturizer on her hair if it got dry--which, of course it did. Wow, was I impressed with this stuff on her hair. it works great on mine, and has no beeswax, which is a big factor for me in deciding what to use on G's hair, as she's still a baby and does not need anything that is going to weigh her hair down. It's not remotely all natural, and contains the dreaded mineral oil, but I have to say, baby's hair was shiny and moisturized and stood up to the beach wind, sun (it has a built-in sunscreen) and rain beautifully. As with adult usage of this product, a little goes a long, long way, and there is a little concern re: product build-up on the child's hair, but so far, I've had no issues washing anything I've used out of her hair or any build-up.

Honorable Mentions:
Having been on the longhaircareforum, I've seen all sorts of product recs and reviews, none of which I can vouch for, but some things on my buy/try list are: Kid's Organics Hair Lotion, Curly Q's (still haven't made it around to that one, and I believe we've officially outgrown "It's a curl by the same company) and Kinky-Curly. I think I will wait until G is a little older, but considering how time is flying in terms of her growing up, I should probably research where to buy, etc, and have my little ducks in a row!

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