Monday, May 18, 2009

Fro-baby powers...Activate!

And We’re Back!

After a long hiatus, back to fro-babies. Georgia's fro has reached massive proportions, such that I have been forced to do ponytails, cornrows, and flat twists—far too early, in my opinion. The diva Miss G, however, has enough hair to cover about 5 baby heads, so I had to do something. However, before her hair got long enough for all this creativity, she reached a "tweener" stage, where her little baby fro wasn't quite the happy little halo from her early infancy.

My fro-baby’s ‘fro stopped looking cute at around 8 months--primarily because it was no longer a ‘fro: too long for a ‘fro and too short for ponytails. We had not yet even graduated to ‘fro-puff status (for the uninformed, afro-puffs—or fro-puffs—are ponytails made from fros. They do not stick out straight or hang like straight hair, they puff out like little mini afros) so I was completely at a loss, since my baby’s “Amadeus” hairstyle had quickly become a fro-ish Benjamin Franklin.

I had to poll my friends in cyberspace to find out some solutions to this conundrum. They key: curl activator! Oh yes, jheri curl juice. You see, it’s not just for jheri curls anymore! It actually can help better define and “shorten” afro curls so they are less “frizzy” and easier to manage.

As with any product—a little dab’ll do ya’! To be honest, I never put any on my fro-baby, but I had enough people say that one that I’d thought I’d pass it along. Organic babies may have a tough time for finding organic curl activator, but I'll keep my eye out!


Alisa said...

Jealous. I wish I knew how to cornroll, maybe I should learn...

Felicia said...

Curl I haven't even said that word since the early nineties. But I will say this...I plan on trying it!!