Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"It's a Curl!"

I mentioned a line of products earlier called Curly Q's, a product line for kids with curly hair (and by curly, they mean nappy, frizzy, wavy, kinky--you know, fro-kids). Well it turns out the company actually makes an organic line of baby hair care products--shampoo, conditioner and leave-in called "It's a Curl!" for fro-babies! Isn't that the cutest? I am curious about this product line, only because as Georgia gets older, her hair is getting curlier (is that a word?) and drier, and I'm not sure that the non-fro-baby products are going to be as useful in the coming months as they were when she was a newborn. So far so good, but the hair is changing...

The "It's a Curl!" products appear to be aloe vera based and contain certified organic ingredients. I'm not certain the entire product is certified organic...or even how that works. I know that a product cannot be called "organic" unless it has been certified by the USDA, but if it contains organic ingredients, it can say so. The product uses natural oils like jojoba and sunflower seed oil, both said to be good for the hair of most people. It also uses a derivative from coconut oil, also good for fro-babies.

I can't say for certain that the "It's a Curl" product line doesn't contain phthalates, since "fragrance" is listed among the ingredients. There are, however, phthalate-free products out there that are fragranced, so unless those other companies are lying, it's possible the fragrance could be a non-phthalate fragrance. I should check to see.

If anyoone tries this product out, I'd love to get a review. We're currently testing out another organic product--which I'll be reviewing shortly.


Dawn Marie said...

I just ordered some of the It's a Curl and Curly Qs products to try for my 13 month old son. I'm excited to try them, and I love that the company offers 3 free trials of any product with each purchase.
I will let you know how they work!

KG said...

Curious to know how that worked out for you? Someone on another forum is using it on her son, says it works great, but a little light for older babies.