Friday, October 3, 2008

Cradle Cap Care

See my "Hairwashing" post for a review of shampoos we used to try and treat Georgia's cradle cap. Here are some of the oils we tried to loosen the flakes before washing:


Angel Baby Oil (Earth Mama Angel Baby): Pros – Success! Georgia Marie is cradle-cap free! All natural, organic, light oil, sold as massage/skincare oil. Primarily comprised of grapeseed and jojoba oils, both of which are good for the hair. Easily washes out with cleanser. A good pre-shampoo treatment if your baby’s hair tends to be dry after shampooing. Cons: It ain’t cheap! Only widely available via the internet. Fragrance free, but with a slight, non-perfume-y scent (I think it’s calendula) but it doesn’ t smell bad, and it dissipates over time. All natural oils don’t have preservatives, and may get rancid over time or if exposed to sunlight for too long.

Badger Baby Oil (Badger): Pros – organic, no chemicals, uses olive oil which is reportedly good for the skin and hair; Cons - It’s fragrance free but has a strong odor (read: not so great), it’s a little thick for use on cradle cap scalps with a lot of hair, and oh the flakes it makes! Expect to spend hours lifting off flakes and cleaning your fine toothed comb! I think Georgia, who has sensitive skin, reacted to it just a bit. If your baby’s hair is particularly dry or the curl pattern is very tight, this might be a good choice. The smell does dissipate eventually.

Cradle Cap Care (Gentle Naturals) – Pros – nongreasy, light, pleasant “baby” fragrance, does a decent job with the flakes; Cons – Contains cornstarch, ostensibly to absorb the excess oil, but feels powdery and weird on a fro-baby’s hair. If your baby’s hair is oily, or tends to be straighter, this might be a viable option.

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Miles' Mama said...

Ugh, I wish I would have found this info 6 months ago! Miles had bad cradle cap and his ped. recommended using anti-dandruff shampoo on it. Granted, it worked like a charm, but I felt terrible putting harsh chemicals on his little tiny head and we had to be SO careful it didn't get in his eyes. And of course the shampoo made his hair really dry. Thanks for the tips on the less harsh, organic products!